Importance Of Tongue Twisters And Proverbs In Overcoming Speech Defects

Umidaxon Boltaboeva, Zohidjon Andunazarov, Gulsanem Tursunova

This article discusses the importance of tongue twisters and proverbs in overcoming some of theshortcomings in our speech. The role of the actor in conveying the sentence is clear, understandable and effective. Some students have a mixture of pronunciation of close consonants (s-sh), (l-r), (s-z), (ch-j). In these cases, of course, it makes sense if these sounds are used in tongue twisters that are repeated several times. Tongue twisters may be simple and complex. Simple tongue twisters consist of short sentences, complex tongue twisters consist of long sentences.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2902-2905