Director’s Knowledge And Approach In Performing Classical Plays

Shamsiddin Usmonov,Ravshan Utaganov,Ravshan Dehqonov

This article discusses the ubiquitous classical theater performances, their return to the stage and problems in this regard. It also underlines the attitude of today's directors and actors to classical works. Present time has set the highest goals in front of us. One of our main goals is to create conditions for the comprehensive cultural and spiritual development of our people. To achieve this goal, the ideological content and artistic skill of Uzbek art should strive to reach the highest levels. One of the main criteria for this is to fill constantly our theaters with young creative. The fate of our theaters requires us to meet its modern demands, and bringing up a new generation of new actors and directors with an ideological and professional level of professionalism.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2921-2924