School Strategy in Improving Students’ Religious Attitude through Diniyah Education Programs at Junior High School in Banda Aceh

Hasnadi,Totok Sumaryanto,Fakhruddin,Titi Prihatin

The advances of globalization, information and communication technology have an impact on religious attitudes and culture of the people in Aceh. Islamic education is one form of implementating Islamic law and realizing the vision of a glorious Banda Aceh within the framework of Islamic law. Implementation of religious education is one of the Islamic educational design which is believed to overcome the problems of social and religious attitudes of students in Banda Aceh. The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze strategies for promoting religious attitudes through diniyah education programs to the students at junior high school in Banda Aceh. This study is a qualitative study conducted at junior high school with a subject consisting of school supervisors, school principals, diniyah teachers, students and the Department of Education and Culture in Banda Aceh. The data collection was done by observation, interviews, focus group discussions and document study. The data and information that had been collected were analyzed and interpreted continuously and inductively from the beginning to the end of the research with these following steps; data reduction, data display, data verification, and conclusions. The results show that; religious attitudes are taught in an integrated manner in all diniyah subjects and implemented through school programs as a school culture. School programs to improve students' religious attitudes include; exemplary, 5S cultures (Salam, Senyum, Sapa, Sopan dan Santun), duha prayer, zuhr and asr prayer in congregation, reading Quran, reading prayers when starting and ending the learning, commemorating islamic holidays, dressing to cover the genitals, and so on. These programs must be implemented by all school personnel so that it would become a habit.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 1680-1686

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201366