Usability Factors Influencing Intention to Use a Community-Based Mobile Application

Rahayu Ahmad, Alawiyah Abd Wahab, Syahida Hassan, Azizah Ahmad, Juliana Wahid

Public health, safety and welfare of community is one of the important sustainable development goals. Basic water supply, electricity and waste disposal must be in optimum condition in promoting quality of life. Citizens need to be afforded with simple and usable system for reporting problems related to the public facilities and services to their local councils. Currently, there is no integrated online mechanism for reporting and monitoring the problems. This study proposes a simple and usable mobile application for reporting known as My Response. Additionally, how usability factors are related to intention of using this apps were analyzed. 40 local people participated in the usability study. Usability attributes accommodated in this application such as the instant start or launch feature, well and comprehensible designed icon positively correlates with intention to use the application. The usage of understandable terminology, concise language and minimal user effort required in MyResponse also positively correlates with intention to use. In our study, simplicity and understandability in using and navigating the apps is the golden rule.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 1687-1692

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201367