Success Factors of Value Stream Mapping Utilization in Manufacturing Industry

H. Nur Hanis, M.D. Mohd Amran, A.W. Mohamad Ikbar, Rahmat R.B, S. Khairanum

Industries in Malaysia are growing rapidly. One of the important industries that has the high demand from consumers is manufacturing industry. It can be the major factor of economic growth in a country and it has been added so much value into economies. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is known as a quality technique that can be implemented to particular tasks and they are used to encourage positive changes and lead towards improvement. One of them is the efficiency of process. This principle can reduce wastes that exist from the starting raw materials coming process to the finishing product. This technique can visualize the data collection of the process and detect where the waste occurs in the process. This technique also makes a continuous improvement in the industry. The implementation of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in the industry has been long introduced, but not many of the organizations can use it with success because they did not get full explanation on the success factors when using the technique and did not have experience to use it. In fact, the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) need to use in right way because it can give negative output if it is used in the wrong way. So, the needs for improving the understanding on the success factors become more important. It is because all the employees need to understand this quality technique when working in order to achieve the successful implementation of Value Stream Mapping (VSM). The main of this research is to identify the success factors of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) utilization in manufacturing industry at Johor Bahru area.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 1841-1850

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201388