Structural Health Monitoring of Oil and Gas pipelines through Internet of Remote things

C.Shyamala Kumari, G.Nivedhitha,K.Meena

Internet of Things paradigm via satellite communication acts as a great aspect inenterprising the perception for an universe which is coupled genuinely. Satellites provide wall to wall broadcasting and authenticity in all the localities including remote locations that can’t be accessed through terrestrial access networks. This indicates there is kinship in most of the secluded areas such that they can work in the atmosphere and in the sea premises, permitting their applications beyond distinct barter sections. The objective of this paper is to use IoT through satellite articulation for structural monitoring of Oil and gas pipe lines. This prototypefetches knowledge from sensors or RFID and fires management messages to actuators. In several applications, sensors and actuators are disseminated over a wide space or they may be deployed in remote areas.Satellite communication plays a distinctive role in Internet of Remote Things (IoRT) by intercommunicating among their satellite systems and the backing of IPv6 over satellite, sensors and actuators.The proposed structural health monitoring system combines satellite communication automationsandIoT to render better results than the existing techniques. In this paper, Oil and Gas pipeline monitoring will be analyzed through satellite and IoT paradigms. Intertwining global IoT networking system precisely to IoT utility through satellite broadband is increasing worldwide, which provides facilities for the usage of Wide-Area Network with relatively low power and a hybrid one (HLPWAN) to satellite portals.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 1935-1938

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201398