Exercise of Mawashi Geri Kick Using Ankle Weight Load

Hartati, Destriana, Novi Pratiwi and Muslimin

This study aims to determine the effect of kick training using ankle weight to increase the speed of Gaw Mawashi kicks in karate extracurricular activities at Senior High School 22 Palembang. The research method used was quasy experiment with pretest-posttest one group design. The population in this study were students who participated in karate extracurricular activities and the sample in this study amounted to 30 people. The research instrument used was the Mawashi Geri kick test. The treatment in this study in the form of kicking exercises using ankle weight was given for 6 week with a frequency of exercise 3 times a week. Test the effectiveness of using the experimental method with the results of the “t test” significant a = 0,05 obtained tcount = (17,3) while ttable =(1,70), then tcount>ttable means tcount>ttable so Ha can be accepted, while H0 is rejected. Based on the findings of the study it can be concluded that kicking exercise using ankle weight weights have an effect on increasing the speed of Mawashi Geri’s kick. The implication of this research is that kicking exercise using ankle weight can be used as one type of training for the speed of Geri Mawashi kick.

Volume 12 | Issue 5

Pages: 514-519

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I5/20201969