Modelling, Simulation and Economic Analysis of Hybrid Grid Connected System Using Homer Software

H. Shierly Hepsiba, Dr.T.D. Sudhakar and J. Joselin

This project presents the optimization of hybrid grid connected system using the HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable) software for a particular application. The total daily load is 1000 kWh/day is taken as a community load for a technical institution. The three different sources considered here are Grid, Generator and Solar, using which the system is simulated in HOMER software. Using these sources seven different combinations are formed such as Grid, Generator, Solar, Grid and Generator, Generator and Solar, Grid and Solar, Grid, Generator and Solar. In this the feasible and non feasible combinations arises. The five feasible combinations are Grid, Generator, Grid and Solar, Grid and Generator, Grid, Generator and Solar. The two non feasible combinations are Solar, Generator and Solar. In this the best option is found by estimating the total cost of the system. The total cost consists of various cost namely the Net Present Cost, Cost of Energy, Electricity cost and Operational & Maintenance cost. Based on the cost the best option is justified for the particular load which has been considered.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 168-178