Study and Analysis of Various Power Quality Issues in Distribution Network

J. Joselin, Dr.T.D. Sudhakar, K. Mohanadasse and H. Shierly Hepsiba

The increasing application of energy saving devices, a move towards the smart grid and increasing appearance of distributed generation as well as own generation using inverters has all impacted energy usage, and at the same time has brought about new challenges in the field of power quality. At present world, electronic equipmentā€™s needs a rated voltage and frequency; More than rated voltage causes electronic equipment to operate inefficiently, and may even cause damage to certain equipment. Less than rated voltage also has similar impacts. The power quality issue may be an older one but still we are facing these problems, a good power system is to deliver a power to the consumer in good quality which the equipment should be operated in rated design. In this project Analysing various power quality issues including voltage sag, swell, switching of large capacitor bank to simulate voltage transient, voltage fluctuations, switching unbalanced load on three phases to simulate unbalance in voltage, permanent three phase fault to simulate interruption, and converter with a source impedance to simulate notches. These analysis shows the main power quality problems that exist and the level of awareness of power quality issues, this will help to mitigate the above issues. These analyzations are done through MATLAB simulation and it becomes important to understand the causes of electronic equipment being damaged due to power disturbances.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 193-204