Assessment of Factors Influencing the Development of International Event Tourism in the Russian Federation

Stytsiuk Rita Yurevna, Lustina Tatyana Nikolaevna, Artemyeva Olga Alexandrovna, Levchenko Konstantin Vladimirovich and Dubanevich Lyudmila Eduardovna

The relevance of the problem under study is due to insufficient coverage of various aspects of the development of international event tourism, in particular the assessment of the impact of event tourism on the development of the territory. Purpose of the research is to identify factors that impede the development of event tourism in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation - this is based on the systematization of existing approaches and methods for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of event tourism on the development of the territory - and to develop proposals for building a factor model for assessing tourist flow. The leading research methods for this problem are the dialectic methods and the method of comparative typological analysis, the elements of the structural-functional approach, the conceptual modeling method, the systematic approach and the general scientific methods of cognition: analysis and synthesis, the unity of the logical and historical, from abstract to concrete. These methods allowed us to consider event tourism as an integral social, economic and geopolitical problem. The authors, using the analysis of the Usadba Jazz (Усадьба Jazz) festival as an example, selected factors significance of which is more than 80% of the correlation. These factors are the experience of conducting the given event (for how many years it is conducted), the number of visitors, the cost of entry, the population of the city. Correlation analysis showed that the population of the city has the greatest impact on tourist flow in the territory of the event. The price of the ticket for the event, the number of visitors during the event and the experience of the event also have a direct impact on it. Based on the selected factors, a regression model for estimating the size of the tourist flow has been formed, and also recommendations are proposed for improving the organization and conducting of festivals.

Volume 12 | Issue 8

Pages: 67-77

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I8/20202447