The Influence of Knowledge Sharing and Team Reflection on Innovative Individual and Team Behaviour

Khairi Aseh and Kamal Kenny

The past literature has suggested leadership plays an essential role in the innovative behavior of individuals and teams. The gap in the literature this study aims to fill is if, in reaction to different rates of information sharing, various mechanisms of social interaction are activated under transformational leadership to drive innovation. In this project, the researcher draws on the idea that change leadership can promote both information sharing and team reflection, thereby promoting creative individuals or teams and applying this to the hospital industry. This research offers evidence that innovativeness affects transformational leadership. These results are stronger at the team level than at the person level, where statistically significant correlations were not produced by the study data.

Volume 12 | Issue 8

Pages: 124-130

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I8/20202454