The Use Of "Cost Significant Model" Method To Estimate Cost Of Kabupaten Kuala Kapuas Road, Indonesia, Preservation Project

Risma Marleno, Muhammad Febryan,Wateno Oetomo

Cost estimation has an important role in the implementation of construction projects, especially road projects. Estimation is a major process in road construction project activities to determine the funds that must be provided for a road. The study uses the "Cost Significant Model" to provide answers to the demands for the availability of initial estimates of the cost of road preservation projects, or road improvements, regularly in Kuala Kapuas Regency. The use of the model in the study is expected to explain (1) the components of the project that significantly influence the total costand (2) the accuracy of the estimated project costs. After calculating the time value, determining items of the model, and doing stepwise regression analysis, researchers obtain the rank of the costs that have significant effects on the total work value (real cost), which are the cost of Lataston foundation work (HRS-Base) (X10), embankment from the quarry work (X3), class A aggregate base work (X7), class B aggregate foundation work (X8). Work components that affect the total cost of the project are embankment from the quarry work, class A aggregate foundation work, class B aggregate foundation work, and Lataston foundation layer work (HRS-Base), with a correlation value (R2) of 95, 2%. (2) The model of the estimated costis Y = -18,096,133,939 + 0,006 X3 + 5,082 X7 - 1,536 X8 + 1,425 X10, where Y is the total value of work (real costs). The model showsthe positive relationship between the variable of class A aggregate foundation layers work to the total value of work. The variable of the cost of aggregate foundation work explains 95.2% of the total cost of the project, and the remaining 4.8% is explained by other variables.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 3151-3156

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201435