The Methodologist for Professional Education at High School

Yoan Pablo Rodríguez Monier, Rodolfo Vila Feijoo, Manuel Angel Cantos Macías, Angela María Cantos Macías and Mónica Marina Jaramillo Alarcón

The 21st century brought with it the development of computer and communication techniques; these have revolutionized the teaching-learning processes at different levels in the educational process. Virtuality has boomed with new working tools, accompanied by methodologies that can be implemented in classrooms, in different educational processes. The objective of the work was directed to the application of some of these methodologies in the acquisition of knowledge in high school students, obtaining as a result that they can offer a contribution to the professional teaching process in different subjects.

Volume 12 | Issue 8

Pages: 158-165

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I8/20202460