Ergonomic Evaluation by the ERIN Method of Communication Staff of Municipal GAD of Portoviejo

Vinicio Alexander Menéndez García, Antonio Vázquez Pérez, Ciaddy Gina Rodríguez Borges, Luzmila Elizabeth Burbano Mera and Gilberto Rafael Jarre Vera

The purpose of the work was in evaluating the current situation of the staff of the Social Communication and Marketing Directorate of the municipal GAD of the canton Portoviejo, province of Manabí, regarding the ergonomic conditions of the jobs that could affect the health of the staff, due to the long hours spent without rest in his job. To obtain the results, direct observation, videos, photos, interviews, and ergonomic evaluation of staff movements were used to identify functional spinal problems, ergonomic evaluation, and interviews with departmental management personnel, information that was used to Using the RULA and ERIN methods, evaluate the individual positions and furniture used by each employee. Once the respective analyzes were carried out, it could be verified that the main ergonomic effects are due to the bad postures adopted when performing the movements, determining that part of the furniture is not adequate (workstations, chairs, monitors, keyboard, etc..), the little application of the checklist, inappropriate physical space, routine work and not taking active breaks, these being the causes of the origin of these risks. The implementation of an occupational risk training for the studied personnel is proposed, which allows reducing the level of ergonomic risk. Finally, it is considered that the technical and practical execution of this work can serve as a guide for other entities that present similar situations and problems.

Volume 12 | Issue 8

Pages: 166-178

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I8/20202461