Cloud Data Security Using Modified AES Algorithm with Advanced User Authentication System

Abdul Raoof Wani, Q.P. Rana and Nitin Pandey

Cloud computing infrastructure provides modern day IT service distribution paradigm which provides an on demand services over a network dynamically distributed and often by virtualized resource pools. The cloud data storage provides with overwhelming advantages and economic benefits for cost effective options of hosting but it comes with the new risks and vulnerabilities. The focus of this work is to mitigate the cloud data security risks and ensure the secure cloud security architecture. This work deals with the modified AES algorithm to secure the data at database end, IDEA encryption technique to secure communication channels and SHA256 for hashing purpose to cover the tables. The paper mainly deals with cloud data security with a user authentication system and advanced symmetric key cryptographic techniques.

Volume 12 | Issue 9

Pages: 13-19

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I9/20202615