Development of Islamic College Curriculum in Strengthening Graduates Characters toward Community Society Era 5.0

Samsul Susilawati and Triyo Supriyatno

Beginning in 2019, the Japanese government introduced society 5.0 as an implication of the industrial revolution era 4.0, namely human-centered life by utilizing technological sophistication, namely a society in which digital technology was applied and centered on human life. The era of society 5.0 has triggered stakeholders, educators, the community to develop curriculum in Islamic higher education. Such curriculum development needs to accommodate the spiritual and social quality of graduates. In responding to this challenge, Islamic higher institutions must develop a relationship between Islamic values and character reinforcement. This article describes three interrelated elements in developing curriculum in Islamic Higher Education in facing the era of society 5.0 which consists of character education, character strengthening, and curriculum development in the era of society 5.0. In the character education element, the lecturer's task is to build several programs that integrate the character into learning through media and technology. While the character is strengthened through the implementation of a curriculum consisting of models and strategies for learning, evaluation, and assessment. Curriculum elements are developed through integrated plans that internalize the strengthening of character with Islamic values from learning carried out in the era of society 5.0.

Volume 12 | Issue 9

Pages: 20-26

DOI: 0.5373/JARDCS/V12I9/20202616