Arduino Uno based Smart Helmet with Protective Bike System Using IoT

Kota Chaitanya Kumar and Ravi Kanth Motupalli

While the bikers of our nation increase, the street setbacks are also the step by step, which contribute to many injuries, the vast majority of which are attributed to very regular carefree use of helmets, and a lot of passing has also occurred because of a lack of quick therapy by the injured individual. This encourages us to consider establishing a system that guarantees the cycling safety and ensures, in addition to having a legitimate and short restorative consideration, that it is important to wear head protectors according to government laws following a mistake. A smart protective helmet is the proposed framework. A module is attached to the head protector, in a way that matches the module attached to the bicycle to ensure that the module is not spent on liquor. The bicycle will present an additional component of the malfunction location module that most probably will identify the mishap and will almost certainly quickly inform the police control room that the malfunction is minor and will prevent the rider from early terminating by pushing the prematurely-end switch. the rider can prematurely send messages and call.

Volume 12 | Issue 9

Pages: 27-33

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I9/20202638