Performance Analysis of Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna for Fifth Generation Wireless Networks for 5.6GHz, 6.5GHz and 7.5GHz Frequency Values

P. Kokila, Dr.S. Kavitha, T.G. Dhaarani, V. Logeswari

The next generation communication network requires faster data rate transmission and greater capacity. There will be more interaction between human beings and millions of intelligent devices at a time. Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology will provide a reliable and compatible connection between them. A compact Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSA) is designed for 5G wireless communications, which is inexpensive, works in high frequency range with small size and has effective gain and bandwidth. In this paper, a high profile Microstrip Antenna is designed for frequencies of 5.6, 6.5 and 7.5GHz which is best suited for 5G wireless network. Also, a performance analysis and comparison of Microstrip Antenna are investigated using High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) tool.

Volume 11 | Issue 3

Pages: 81-90