A Method for the Administration of the Work Performed by Employees

R. Steffi, G. Jerusha Angelene Christabel, T. Shynu, S. Suman Rajest, R. Regin

Tasks, actions, participants, resources, and timetables are all essential components of any project or event. The execution plan and the order in which the tasks are accomplished are crucial to the success or failure of any project, no matter how big or little. It takes a lot of practise to get good at this, but the time spent developing effective project management techniques can pay off immensely by allowing projects to be completed on schedule and within budget. Achieving project success is simple if you know how to plan for it, divide up the work, and delegate responsibilities. In this project, we develop Employee Task Management System, a web software that helps a management coordinate the work of his or her staff. This infrastructure might be used as the basis for streamlined operations within a company, and it could even be a part of project and process management. Task-oriented management is practised by project managers who have a thorough and up-to-date project schedule, can effectively guide their teams, and keep things moving forward.

Volume 14 | Issue 1

Pages: 7-23