Internet of Things (IoT) System Using Interrelated Computing Devices in Billing System

R. Regin, Steffi. R, Jerusha Angelene Christabel G, Shynu T, S. Suman Rajest

Since the proliferation of mobile devices and improved communication methods, online shopping has skyrocketed in popularity. Daily life in major cities increasingly revolves around travelling to and shopping at enormous shopping centres. The weekends and holidays see the greatest influx of customers to these establishments. All sorts of items get thrown into the cart at the store by customers. The checkout counter is where you pay for your items after making a transaction. Waiting in line at the charge counter is inevitable because of the lengthy time it takes the cashier to prepare the bill victimisation bar code reader. Also, people waste time waiting to pay for their items at the register in many supermarkets and shopping malls, which is a deterrent to spending. The billing process is laborious and time consuming. Because of this, shops have had to devote additional workers to the billing counter, although customer wait times remain unacceptable. The intent is to provide a technologically advanced, cost-effective, easily scalable, and robust system to facilitate in-store purchasing.

Volume 14 | Issue 1

Pages: 24-40