MED Support for the Implementation of Java and the SQL Database

C.R.Rathish, Sivaramakrishnan S, R. Regin, S. Suman Rajest, Shynu T

The target audience for this effort was patients, for whom the majority of their prescriptions present reading difficulties. This can cause misunderstandings, thus we developed the "MED ASSIST" project to help patients take the correct drug in the desired dosage. Each person finds figuring out what's wrong with them the most challenging. For instance, a person can contract numerous diseases. There are instances when it's difficult to detect the proper medication, and the patient will become confused; in these cases, the patient can use "MED ASSIST," which can aid the client. The goal is to construct data-driven software that will facilitate the filling and reordering of medications by a drug specialist. Prescriptions are written requests for specific combinations of medications that are supplied to patients by their doctors. Information on the solution should include a record of the substance, its quantity, and the site's specific instructions. Each hush must instruct the patient to continue taking the medicines as prescribed until the illness has been cured. The MED ASSISTS programme consolidates and simplifies the process of managing a patient's medications. Traditional processes, such as adding new prescriptions to illness, are simplified, and every patient's profile is securely managed.

Volume 14 | Issue 1

Pages: 41-55