Leveraging AI and Blockchain for Secure Energy Trading in Electric Vehicle Systems

Dr.T. Buvaneswari, C. Sukumar, M. Saranya, R. Mahalakshmi, S. Shankar, T.P. Udhayasankar

The integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into a virtual grid (VG) system, which includes decentralized power generation, flexible loads, and energy storage, can help maintain a consistent power balance and optimize energy usage. However, challenges such as power unpredictability and privacy concerns need to be addressed. In this paper, we propose an AI-enabled crypto-mining solution for the EV system, leveraging blockchain technology for secure energy trading. We enhance the existing content by providing additional points on the benefits of AI in optimizing power consumption, ensuring data privacy, and improving the accuracy of the proposed method.

Volume 14 | Issue 1

Pages: 56-62