Cutting Force and Feed Force Analysis During Turning of Hard Alloy Steel Using Various Inserts

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

The influence of continuous length of machining on the flank wear, influence of cutting time on the flank wears i.e. tool wear rate have been experimentally investigated and analyzed through various graphical representation by different inserts at wet and dry environment are also experimentally investigated and analyzed. The influence of turning parameters e.g. cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut on the cutting force, feed force has been investigated A set of experimental investigation has been carried out in a pre-planned way to study the influence of machining parameters e.g. cutting speed, feed and depth of cut on the cutting forces, feed force during turning of En31 using CNMG 120404EM6630; CNMG 120408EM6630, CCMT09T308PM4225, DNMX150608WM1525 inserts. The different sets of experiments have been performed by turning operation on a HMT-LB20 lathe. In this research 3D-Piezoelectric Dynamometer of Kistler type 9257B has been utilized to measure the feed force (Px) in the direction of the tool travel and main cutting force (Pz) in the direction of cutting velocity vector during turning.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 3554-3562