Data Driven Design of IMC-fractional Filter PI Controller for Sewage Waste Water Process

Naregalkar Akshay and Dr.D. Subbulekshmi

In most of the waste water treatment plants, pH neutralization system plays an important role to maintain the water quality. The pH neutralization system has direct impact on sewage wastewater treatment. The pH neutralization system is difficult to control due to its non-linear nature. Availability of process model derived from first principle like material balance is always plays very important role while deciding controller strategy, but it is difficult and tedious with first principle to derive a mathematical model for non-linear system like Sewage Waste Water Process. Whereas a mathematical model, called data driven model can be derived from plant data effectively. This paper focuses on controller design implementation based on a data driven process model instead of conventional mathematical model based on mass balance principle. This data driven process model obtained from non-linear process-Sewage waste water process is used to implement the conventional PI Controller, Internal Model Controller (IMC) PI Controller, Fraction PI controller and IMC-Fractional Filter PI Controllers. The result analysis shows effectiveness of a data driven plant model combined with IMC-Fractional Filter PI Controller while controlling this non-linear pH neutralization process than the other controllers. Also in terms of set point tracking i.e. servo operation and also for disturbance rejection i.e. regulator operation. The performances are evaluated in terms of Time integral performance evaluation criterion like ISE-Integral Squared Error, IAE-Integral Absolute Error and ITAE-Integral Time-weighted Absolute Error and time domain performance/response like tr-rise time, ts-settling time and %Mp-Maximum peak overshoot.

Volume 11 | Issue 3

Pages: 8-20