Induction Motor Performance Evaluation Using Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller

R. Senthilkumar, V. Ganapathy, R.S. Sriniketh, S. Sudarshan and B. Hari

Induction Motors are currently the backbone of the industrial sector and have remained so for a long time because of their easy and low cost construction and maintenance, high robustness and ruggedness, and good reliability and efficiency. However, the control of induction motors is comparatively more difficult than D.C. motors due to their nonlinear characteristics. The major hurdle while designing a proper controller for these motors is the time varying nature of parameters and variables which might be changed while working with the motion systems. This paper proposes the control method of an induction motor by both Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy principle with Sliding Mode control to evaluate the performance of its various parameters. A comparison between the speed torque, voltage and current sensitivity to parameter variations and load disturbances of both techniques is made to find out the better method to control the induction motor.

Volume 11 | Issue 3

Pages: 21-32