An Innovative Lossless Image and Video Compression Using Revised S Transformation

Kalyani Pathak, R. Vijaya Arjunan and Vasundhara Acharya

In this age of digital era as the consumption of videos and images increasing exponentially, image compression is widely used approach to utilize bandwidth of transmission and storage space efficiently. Even though lossless image compression techniques already exist, the challenge is to reduce computational complexity along with preserving quality of image. The proposed solution uses pyramidal approach to compress images. A revised S-transform is used to form pyramid structure. Set of pixels in the upper level of pyramid is compressed using mean and gradient. The same mean and gradient values are used to reconstruct the original image. Using the above techniques lossless compression is achieved with minimal computational complexity. Further same technique can be extended to video compression by converting it into sequence of images. This method can also achieve parallelism, which will result in much faster execution times and throughput.

Volume 11 | Issue 4

Pages: 14-24