MATLAB Simulation of Configurable Digital Hearing Aid System with Noise Reduction Filter

Raja Muthalagu and Dasari Sai Krishna Kishore

Analog hearing aids are work same like a microphone that is connected to the speaker. It picks up all the surrounding sounds and amplify all the sounds equally. Analog hearing aids are fails to separate desired sound and background noise. Where the digital hearing aids are use the Digital Signal Processor which can read sound waves and process them in many ways to separate the noise from the desired sounds. In this paper, we developed the MATLAB simulation model for configurable digital hearing aid system. Also the simulation models includes the frequency shaper function, noise reduction filter and amplitude compression function. The proposed digital hearing aid system can be used for mild and moderate hearing loss patient since different gain can be set to map different levels of hearing loss.

Volume 11 | Issue 4

Pages: 37-42