Volume 11, Issue 5

The New Gated Recurrent Unit Deep Learning System based on GRU and CNN

Abdelhamid. ATASSI and Ikram EL AZAMI

Pages: 263-268

Design of a High Speed and Efficient Novel Cell Prefix Adder

Mohammed Rafi Shaik and Chandra Mohan Reddy Sivappagari

Pages: 269-278

Pixel-level Image Fusion Techniques: A Review

Prajakta Suresh Patil and Manna Sheela Rani Chetty

Pages: 279-298

An Extension of Al-Zughair Integral Transform for Solving Some LODEs

Ali Hassan Mohammed, Ameer Qassim Majde and Asraa Obaidsaud

Pages: 299-309

Multi-Level-Fog Computing in Mobile Crowd Sensing (MLF-MCS)

Abbas M. Ali Al-muqarm and Furkan Rabee

Pages: 310-326

An Experimental Study on Durability Properties of Normal Grade Concrete Containing Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate

Ushakranti Jujjuri and Dr.K. Srinivasu

Pages: 327-334

Optimal Pyramid Column Feature with Contrast Enhanced Model for Face Sketch Synthesis

Narasimhula Balayesu and Hemantha Kumar Kalluri

Pages: 335-344

H∞ Controller Design of PID Gain Tuning based for Robust Control of PMDC Motor with Uncertain Parameters

Prasanth Venkatareddy and Dr. Subhash Kulkarni

Pages: 345-352

Intrusion Detection System Using Multilayer Neural Networks

Maheshwar Reddy Vancha, I. Ravi Prakash Reddy and K. Adinarayana Reddy

Pages: 353-362

Effect of Slip on MHD Mixed Convection Jeffrey Fluid Flow over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction

D. Manjula and Dr.K. Jayalakshmi

Pages: 363-373

A New Model for Prediction of User Behavior based on Large Click Stream Data

Dr.P. Dhana Lakshmi

Pages: 374-378

Flight Delay Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm XGBoost

K.P. Surya Teja, Vigneswara Reddy and Dr. Shaik Subhani

Pages: 379-388

A Cloud based Video Content Retrieval Process by Storage Cluster Aggregation Using Machine Learning

T. Naga Raja, Dr.V.V. Venkata Ramana and Prof. A. Damodharam

Pages: 389-400

Problems of Humanism in M.Auezov’s Stories

Y.B. Abdimomynov, T.R. Abdikadyrova, B.U. Smanov, M.K. Sarsembaeva and S.M. Shormakova

Pages: 401-408

Factors of Professional and Personal Self - Development of Future Teachers

Madina Zhilgildinova and Aizhana Abibulayeva

Pages: 409-418

The Significance of Communicative Approach in Teaching Dialogue Speech

Zhazira Issayeva, Gulzat Berkinbayeva, Gulnaz Berkinbayeva and Alissa Tazabek Kanalbekkyzy

Pages: 419-426

Printed Monopole UWB Antenna with Dual Notch Bands

Sekhar M,BullibabuDuddu,Gajjala Ashok,

Pages: 427-436

Wide Band Printed Monopole Antenna for Ku-Band Applications

Nelapati Ananda Rao,Gajjala Ashok,Nelapati Kumar Babu,

Pages: 437-444

Dual Frequency VivaldiAntenna Array with Corporate Feed for Ka-Band

Satish Kanapala,Bullibabu Duddu,,Gajjala Ashok,

Pages: 445-451

Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for Deception Detection

Nidhi Srivastava,Sipi Dubey,

Pages: 452-458

A Novel Interleaved Soft Switching Tri- State Boost Converter with Low Ripple and High Voltage Gain

A. Sriharibabu, G. Srinivasa Rao

Pages: 459-464

Comparative Analysis of Two Interleaved DC Boost Topologies with Constant Duty Cycle

A. Sriharibabu, G. Srinivasa Rao.

Pages: 465-471


M. Vasavi Uma Maheswari,P.V. Ramana Rao,S.V. Jayaram Kumar

Pages: 472-481

Types of Knowledge in Year Four Mathematics Textbook in Malaysia and Singapore

Fauziah Abd Kadir,Nik Azis Nik Pa,

Pages: 482-490

Design and Development of Automated Tempeh Machine

A.S. Ramli,S.Sharif,

Pages: 491-496

Engineering Technology Students’ Attitudes to Learning Mathematics with Technology: Exploring the Relationship between Mathematics Confidence and Affective Engagement

Syamsiah Abu Bakar,Nor Azuani Hasan, Azniah Mohamed Ghulam,

Pages: 497-502

Effects of Ground Coal Bottom Ash (CBA) in Concrete Bricks

ASalmia Beddu, Nurliyana Mohd Kamal, Siti Nabihah Sadon, Adi Tariq Satria, Daud Mohamad, Zarina Itam, Agusril, Nazirul Mubin

Pages: 503-506

Ventilation System Performance on Pathogens Transmission in Healthcare Isolation Rooms: A Review

Mohd Hazzah Ahmad Siron,Mohamad Asmidzam Ahamat, Md Amin Md Nor,N Mahyuddin,

Pages: 507-513

An Approach in Determining Fatigueness and Drowsiness Detection Using EEG

F. Mohamed,S.K. Nataraj,S.F. Ahmed, S. Yaacob,

Pages: 514-523

Elastic Vibrations in the Mechanism of Class IV

Y. Temirbekov, A. Bobeev, E. Shertayev and B. Nurmukhambetova

Pages: 524-529