Volume 11, 07-Special Issue

Cryptanalysis of Minimized Skinny Block Cipher

K.V. Srinivasa Rao, Prof. M.M. Naidu and Prof. R. Satya Prasad

Pages: 1198-1206

Factors Influencing Women to Become Entrepreneurs

Dr.V.R. Palanivelu and S. Nandhini

Pages: 1207-1209

Impact of Heat and Mass Transfer within A Porous Medium Enclosed by Two Vertical Heated Plates with the Behaviour of Inclined Magnetic Field

M. Shanthi and Dr.P.T. Hemamalini

Pages: 1210-1222

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network

A. Sherin and Dr.R. Rajeswari

Pages: 1223-1230

The Effects of Smart Devices Use Ability and Usages on Life Satisfaction: Comparison of People with and without Disabilities

Daesung Jun, Jusil Lee and Dongwook Kim

Pages: 1231-1241

Analysis on the 2018 UN E-Government Survey

Choong Sik Chung

Pages: 1242-1252

An Exploratory Analysis of Intelligence Information Policy by a Socio-Technical Approach

Hanbyul Choi and Dongwook Kim

Pages: 1253-1256

Comparative Study on Smart City Policy between Korea and China Focused on SEJONG City and XIONGAN New Area

Choong Sik Chung and Zhan Sen

Pages: 1257-1269

A Human-Centric Smartization Strategy for Urban Regeneration New-deal Projects in Korea

Kil Pyo Hong

Pages: 1270-1278

Trust or Digital Divide: South Korean Citizens’ Choice of Online Risk Communication Channel

Kyung Woo Kim and Choong Sik Chung

Pages: 1279-1285

Pattern Analysis for Civil Complaints of New Town Area Using a Text Mining

Eun Hyung Park and Dongwook Kim

Pages: 1286-1292

Theme and Topics of Smart City Policy Research in Korea

Wookjoon Sung and Dongwook Kim

Pages: 1293-1301

Smart City Research Trend Analysis: Text Mining, Topic Analysis, Network Analysis

Wookjoon Sung and Hyeongyu Yeo

Pages: 1302-1309

Long Tail Effect in Public Policy: Analyzing Big Data on Civil Complaints

Eunmi Lee

Pages: 1310-1315

What does Citizen Petition Call for Smart City? Focus on Residents' Safety and Crisis Perception

Eunmi Lee

Pages: 1316-1319

Information Policy for Agribusiness in Korea

Dae Ho Kim

Pages: 1320-1326

A Study on the Participation Intention of Sharing Economic Services: Viewpoint of Creating Shard Values

Jin Ho Gil and Dae Ho Kim

Pages: 1327-1332

Review of Nature and Computation Methods of Trust Models in Vehicular Networks

Indu and Dr. Sibaram Khara

Pages: 1333-1344

Derivation the Multiple Correlation Coefficient of Ranks by the Ranks Determinant

Abdulrahman Kadum Abbas Zeyarah, Evan Abdulkareem Huzam and Sabah Mohammed Mlket Almutoki

Pages: 1345-1349

Fuzzy Topological Rings Induced by Fuzzy Pseudo Normed Ring

Dr. Munir Abdul Khalik AL-Khafaji and Basim Mohammed Melgat

Pages: 1350-1353

A Novel RBF-NN Classifier for Detect Lung Nodules in CT Images with Texture Features

Benita J Veronica, S. Purushothaman and P. Rajeswari

Pages: 1354-1363

Cost Minimization on Multi Cloud Storage for Service Providers Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization

K. Mariappan and Dr.G.N.K. Suresh Babu

Pages: 1364-1374

The Old Man and the Sea Exemplifies the Nobility of the Human Spirit in the Face of Defeat

S. Saikripa and Dr.V. Manimozhi

Pages: 1375-1380

Fast Iterative Boundary based in Painting Using Morphological Erosion and SSD

Shyni Shajahan, Dr.R. Mathusoothana S Kumar and Dr. Jacob Vetha Raj

Pages: 1381-1387

Protecting the Client Data Using Encryption Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment

S.S. Ramaprasad, J.L. Avinash and S. Suraj

Pages: 1388-1395

Time Resolved Fluorescence in Silver Doped Cadmium Oxide Using Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Technique

J. Christina Rhoda, M. Giruba, S. Chellammal, K. Ravichandran and K. Achyutha

Pages: 1396-1406

Sparse Coding Strategies and Sparse Dictionary Learning

M.S. Sujithra and N. Sugitha

Pages: 1407-1413

A Weight based Improved Double Threshold Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks

M.S. Sumi and R.S. Ganesh

Pages: 1414-1422

Automated News Categorization Using Machine Learning Techniques

V. Vijeya Kaveri, J. Jabez and P. Jeyanthi

Pages: 1423-1426

Circumstantial Exploration on Trust Management Perspectives in Mobile Adhoc Networks

M. Thebiga and R. Suji Pramila

Pages: 1427-1435