Volume 11, Issue 6

Antenatal Care and Field Study in Antenatal Clinic of Alsharqia Maternity Center

Khair Aldeen M. Al-dahil Al-sabawi

Pages: 262-267

Optimization of Machining Parameters of Aluminium MMC by Grey Relational Approach

V. Venkata Reddy, M. Gopi Krishna and K. Srinivasulu Reddy

Pages: 268-275

Bug Tracking System

Vardhineni Sriya and Dr.P.V.S. Srinivas

Pages: 276-281

FIM: Spatio Temporal Feature based Human Activity Recognition Using Moving Object Detection and Classification

R. Raj Bharath and Dr.G. Tholkappia Arasu

Pages: 282-292

Do the HRD Practices Lead to Organizational Performance? Evidence from the Indian General Insurance Sector

Dr. Kalpana Koneru and Dr.O. Ravi Sankar

Pages: 293-298

Effectiveness of CRM Practices in Housing Finance Schemes: An Empirical Analysis in the Selected Private Banks

Dr.M. Sivakoti Reddy and Dr.S.M. Murali Krishna

Pages: 299-307

Investors’ Perceptions towards the Perceived Risk in Mutual Fund Selections: An Empirical Analysis

Ch. Hymavathi and Dr. Vidya Sagar Mullapudi

Pages: 308-317

Mobile Banking - An Empirical analysis on the Customer’s Perception towards Mobile Banking in Determining the Customer Satisfaction in the State of Telangana Rural Areas

Shirisha Addela and Dr.M. Sivakoti Reddy

Pages: 318-321

Does the Worksite Wellness Interventions Impact Occupational Stress?: A Descriptive Evidence

M.S. Kishan Varma, Dr. Kalpana. Kalpana and D. Yedukondalu

Pages: 322-328

A Study on the Role of Source Credibility, Endorser Credibility and Message Appeal Over Consumers’ Purchase Intentions: An Empirical Evidence

S. Sudheer and Dr.M. Siva Koti Reddy

Pages: 329-334

Technology Adoption and It’s Impact Over Paddy Farming: an Empirical Analysis

A. Naga Bhushan and Dr.M. Siva Koti Reddy

Pages: 335-340

Forecasting Time Series of Stock Rates Using ARIMA

C. Mohankumari, M. Vishukumar and Nagaraja Rao Chillale

Pages: 341-355

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Social Media Marketing in the Wellness Industry: An Empirical Analysis

A. Sai Manideep, Dr.P. Srinivasa Reddy and Dr.M. Siva Koti Reddy

Pages: 356-362

Black Hole Detection and Avoidance in MANET

Ramakanth Reddy Malladi and Dr.A. Govardhan

Pages: 363-369

Optimization of Avoiding Accidents by Maintaining Traffic Monitoring Conditions

P. Parthasaradhy and K. Manjunatha Chari

Pages: 370-378

Design and Development of Hybrid Power Generation Model for Micro-grid Applications

K.S. Chandragupta Mauryan and R. Purrnimaa Shiva Sakthi

Pages: 379-385

A Study on Hadoop and Map Reduce in Bigdata

Dr.D. Kerana Hanirex and Dr.A. Muthu Kumaravel

Pages: 386-389

A Probabilistic Tactic for Replacement of Failed Nodes in Mobile Wireless Network

Dr.S. Thiru Nirai Senthil and S. Kannan

Pages: 390-394

Influence of Corporate Sustainability Reporting on Company Performance: A Study of Selected Companies in India

Mahesh Kumar, Dr. Birajit Mohanty, Madhusudan Narayan

Pages: 395-403

Inverse Acoustical Characterization of Natural Fiber Loaded Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Yuvaraj L , Jeyanthi S

Pages: 404-417

An intelligent Fuzzy controller based UC/ battery operated plug-in hybrid electric vehicle/E-Car

Geetha Reddy Evuri*, Dr.G.Srinivasa Rao,Dr.T.Rama subba reddy, Dr. K.Srinivasa Reddy

Pages: 418-428

Structural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by Externally Bonded Steel Plates

Dr.E.K. Mohanraj, K.L. Ravisankar, K. Selvi, Dr.P. Manikandan

Pages: 434-441

Application of Self-propelled Rotary Tool for the Wear Analysis During Turning of Hard Alloy Steel Using Various Inserts

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

Pages: 442-445