Volume 11, Issue 7

Palm Fiber Insulation For The Roof Of Wooden Houses In Jawa Tondano Village –Minahasa, Indonesia

Pierre H. Gosal, Antariksa S., Surjono, Agung M. Nugroho, Jefrey I. Kindangen

Pages: 767-776

The Students’ Mathematical Thinking Ability In Solving The Program for International Student Assessment(PISA) Standard Questions

Indah Wahyuni Dr.,Purwanto Prof.,Subanji Dr.,Rustanto Rahardi Dr.

Pages: 777-787

The Effect of Jurisprudential Inquiry Model onCivicsLearning Outcomes of Elementary Students

Reinita, Yalvema Miaz, Atri Waldi

Pages: 788-794

A Special Representation of Chebyshev Polynomials

Mannu Arya, Vipin Verma

Pages: 795-798

Big Data efficient Scheduling by hybrid optimization on a cloud environment

Nirmal Godara, Sanjeev Kumar

Pages: 799-816

Computational Mining Algorithms for Future Technologies

H. Anandakumar and R. Arulmurugan

Pages: 817-822

Impact of High Performance Human Resource Management Practices on “Employee Engagement” With Moderating Effect of “Work Life Balance”.

Brijesh Kishore Goswami,Dr.Sushmita Goswami,Dr Aneesya Panicker,Dr Avnish Sharma

Pages: 817-826

Fpga Implementation Of Three Stage Pipelined Improved Operand Decomposition Based Logarithmic Multiplication

G. Shobana, A. Kamaraj, C. Kalyana Sundaram

Pages: 827-834

Implementation Of Wimax To Wimax Horizontal Handoff For Various Routing Protocols

S. Neeraja, A. Abhishiktha

Pages: 835-2-843

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (Sdg’s) Through Csr Activities – A Study On Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (Hpcl) A Major Navaratna Company

Anis A,Noonu Mary Jose,Tess Jacob

Pages: 844-850

TRIPLET-Mine-Tree Based Approach for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Quantitative Databases

SuneethaMerugula, Dr. M. V. P. Chandra Sekhara Rao

Pages: 851-860

World Tendencies Of Land Use Development

Sharafatdin Narbaev,Aleksandr Chertovitskiy,Kasimjon Rakhmanov,Vahobjon Akhmadaliev,

Pages: 861-864

Developing A Method For Attestating Of Working Condition (In Example Of «Uzbekistan Railways» Joint-Stock Company Single Dispatching Center)

Sunnatulla Sulaymanov,Xasan Kamilov

Pages: 865-869

The Peculiarities Of Agricultural Credit


Pages: 870-872

Some Problems of Counteracting Crimes Related to Laundering of Illegal Proceeds in Uzbekistan

Dildora Bazarova

Pages: 873-885

Research Of Efficiency Of Use Of Production Capacity At The Enterprises Of Textile Industry On The Basis Of Methods Of Multivariate Statistical Analysis: On The Example Of Namangan Region Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Sherzod I. Mustafakulov,Elena V. Zarova,Anna N.Tikhomirova,Bobir O. Tursunov

Pages: 886-899

Concept of Supply Chain Management

Kamola A. Mukhamedjanova

Pages: 900-908

Some Issues Of The Defense Function In Criminal Proceedings In The Appointment Of Forensic Psychiatric Examination In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Tadjibaeva Albina

Pages: 909-914

How to develop a company in the UAE? Pros and cons of different types of companies

Farida Isaeva,MokhinurBakhramova

Pages: 915-921

Assessment Of The Prevalence Of Inflammatory Diseases Of Hard And Soft Tissues Of The Oral Cavity For Contact Sports Athletes

Jasur A. Rizayev,Abdushukur A. Sadikov,Sherzod M.Inagamov,LobarkhonMuratkhojaeva,Nargiza R. Daminova

Pages: 922-926

The importance of sukuk in the development of economy: as an example of its impact on the income of the malaysian population.

Sirojiddin Abrorov

Pages: 927-931

Peculiarities Of The Use Of Digital Marketing In Increasing The Efficiency Of Commercial Banks

Guzal A.Bekmurodova

Pages: 932-937

Prospects for the development of the stock market: the first IPO and SPO analysis conducted by the companies of Uzbekistan

Narboy Karimov,Shakhzod Saydullaev,

Pages: 938-950

Theoretical And Methodological Basis Of Research On The Development Of Handicraft Activity In The Economic Policy Of Amir Temur

Ubaydullo V. Gafurov,Zulfiya A. Khamidova

Pages: 951-965

Stereotypy And Poetics Of The Endemic Of Recit

GulsanamRakhimova,ZiyodaNarimonova,ShakhnozaOtajonova,Malika Abdulxaeva

Pages: 966-969

Relations of Uzbek anthroponyms with other languages

Iroda Juraeva

Pages: 970-977

Features Of Obtaining Audit Evidencein Accordance With International Audit Standards

MutabarKhodjayeva,Zafar Muqumov,TemurUralov

Pages: 978-981

The Basis Of The Word “Heart” To Become A Poetic Image

Nasiba Bazarova,Gulnora Gulyamova,Shahnoza Ziyamukhamedova,Durdona Rasulmuhamedova

Pages: 982-991

A Sliding Window Based Approach for Closed Frequent Itemsets with Weight Decrease Concept overData Streams

Dr. Ramesh Karnati,Dr. SomarajuSuvvari

Pages: 992-1003