Volume 11, Issue 8

Brain Tumor Detection Using Threshold based K Means Clustering Segmentation

P.D. Ratna Raju, Dr.D. Naga Raju and G. Neelima

Pages: 220-226

Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Techniques

Joshua Reginald Pullagura and D. Venkata Rao

Pages: 227-235

The Roles of Gender in Moderating the Effects of Shopping Intensity and Online Buying Risks Interactions on Buyers’ Anxiety

Widayat, Defani Ismiriam Rakhmi, Methiana Indrasari and Ilyas Masudin

Pages: 236-244

The Influence of Props-Assisted Inquiry Learning to Improve Generic Science Skills of SMA N 11 Semarang Students

N. Khoiri, A. Rusilowati, Wiyanto and Sulhadi

Pages: 245-248

Machine Learning Algorithms to Ensemble the Classifiers for Diabetic Retinopathy

Dornala Manasa and T. Sunil Kumar

Pages: 249-256

Analysis of Mobile Management Processes and Modeling

H. Anandakumar, R. Arulmurugan

Pages: 257-262

A Research on Frequent Sub Graph Mining From Distributed Database

M. Sailaja, Dr.C.V.P.R. Prasad

Pages: 263-268

IoT Enabled Intelligent Irrigation System for Agriculture Fields

V. Parameshwari, V.S. Sathishkumar, P. Premkumar, M. Srinevasan

Pages: 269-279

A Critical Survey on Digital Video Quality Detection Associated With Video Watermarking

K.VenuGopal, G. Lavanya Devi

Pages: 280-285

Optimal Power Allocation in Cognitive Wireless Networks using Genetic Algorithm

N.L.Pratap, P.Siddaiah

Pages: 296-304

Implementation Of Certain Subclass And Its Generalized Rational Functions

K.V.Sitavani, V.Srinivas

Pages: 305-314

A Hybrid Non-Linear Integrity Verification-Based Data Security For E-Governance Cloud Databases

VeeraRaghavaRaoAtukuri, RamineniSivaRamaPrasad

Pages: 315-326