Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

Treatment of Papulopustular Rosacea with a Submillisecond Neodymium 1064-nm Laser

K.A. Novikov, O.B. Tamrazova, L.S. Kruglova and A.T. Khussainova

Pages: 519-528

Mechanical Properties of Welding of Titanium Alloy Grade 5

Alireza Farrokhi

Pages: 529-542

Local Binary Pattern and Its Derivatives for Thermal Face Recognition Under Temporal Variation Conditions

K. Meena and Deepa

Pages: 543-547

Design and Implementation of Efficient Adaptive Filter Using High performance Reversible Logic

Dr.J.L. Mazher Iqbal and Dr.G. Narayan

Pages: 548-554

Innovative Protocols Providing Personalized Privacy Protections of Data in Medical Area Cloud Network (MAC-N)

R. Jeena and Dr.P. Sarasu

Pages: 555-566

Improving the Node Efficiency Using Symmetric Key Cryptographic Hash Function Technique

Dr.K. Venkatachalapathy and T. Kamaleshwar

Pages: 567-579

An Efficient Real Time Moving Generic Object Detection with Improved Background Subtraction

Dr.K. Venkatachalapathy and K. Kishore Anthuvan Sahayaraj

Pages: 580-586

High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Transform Domain for Privacy Protection

K.A. Jeeva and V.S. Sheeba

Pages: 587-597

The Quantum Key Distribution, Attenuation and Data Loss Over Foggy, Misty and Humid Environment

Dr.R. Rajesh and P.H. Suresh Kumar

Pages: 598-608

Enhancement of Smart Banking Using Biometrical Security

C. Shyamala Kumari, K. Prema, S. Florence and L. Leema Priyadharshini

Pages: 609-611

Energy Efficient Modified Butterfly Optimization based Clustering (EE-MBOC) Algorithm for Cluster Head Selection in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Dr.K. Venkatachalapathy and D. Sundaranarayana

Pages: 612-621

Effective Big Data Transform with Privacy Preserving Using Multi Perspective Ensemble Subspace Clustering in Map Reducing Framework in Big Data Analytics

R. Lalitha and Dr.K. Ramesh Kumar

Pages: 622-633

Factors Influencing the Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees in Kerala: Evidence from Five Major Private Sector Banks in Ernakulam District

T.M. Somasekharan and Dr.R. Velmurugan

Pages: 634-638

Data Integrity Assurance Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption based FHESIK Scheme in Cloud Storage

S. Hariharasitaraman and S.P. Balakannan

Pages: 639-651

Routine Correspondence Method with Grey Wolf Optimization based Imperforate Support Vector Machine Classifier (ISVMC) for High Dimensional Datasets

M. Praveena and Dr.V. Jaiganesh

Pages: 652-660

Impact of Social Media Factors Affecting Students Academic Development through Collaborative Learning

K. Ramprathap, Dr.S. Rajaram and Dr.S.B. Inayath Ahamed

Pages: 661-666

Fault Aware Resource Allocation Algorithm

S. Sivakumar and V. Anuratha

Pages: 667-677

Comparison of Rotating Piccolo Tube with Fixed Piccolo Tube by Using CFD

D. Rohini, D. Lokesgarun, R. Naveen and P. Samiyappan

Pages: 678-685

Performance Analysis of Wind and Photovoltaic System Fed Micro Grid using Fuzzy Logic Controller

K. Sakthivel, Dr.V. Jayalakshmi and Dr.S. Prakash

Pages: 686-696

The Split Monophonic Number of a Graph

M. Mahendran, R. Nithaya Raj, P. Balaganesan and M. Somasundari

Pages: 697-701

CFD Analysis of Hair Pin Heat Exchanger with Different Nano Fluids

Chelluri Madana Kamaraju, Y. Nandakishora and Sathishkumar

Pages: 702-707

Efficient Face Recognition Using Hybrid Dual Cross Patterns and Automated Feed Forward Neural Network

Manjiri Arun Ranjanikar and U.V. Kulkarni

Pages: 708-719

Optimized Face Recognition Using Hybrid Face Descriptor over Plastic Surgery and Unconstrained Facial Datasets

Manjiri Arun Ranjanikar and U.V. Kulkarni

Pages: 720-729

Time Frequency Training OFDM for MIMO Systems for Data Rate and Spectral Efficiency

S.K. Malave, A.S. Shirsat and D.M. Yadav

Pages: 730-735

Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Professional Development of School Teachers

Dr.V. Thamodharan and Dr.R. Thangadurai

Pages: 736-740

Modeling and Investigation on PV based Luo Converter and Buck-Boost Converter with Coupled Inductor Systems

D. Vanitha and Dr.M. Rathinakumar

Pages: 741-751

A Study of Context Aware System and Its Roles

Majed Aborokbah

Pages: 752-759

Indexing and Searching Large Scale Visual Data Using Fusion of k-means and Residual Index

Kiran Phalke and Ravindra Hegadi

Pages: 760-764

Effect of Demonetization in Digital World with Its Positive and Negative Effects in Our Economy

Y. Azith and Dr. Rajesh Rathore

Pages: 765-771

Highly Accurate DWT-NSCT based Forest Fire Detection (DWT-NSCT-FFD) from Still Images Using Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) Classifier

M. Senthil Vadivu and Dr.M.N. Vijayalakshmi

Pages: 772-785