Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

System on Chips Design for Internet of Things using Partial Reconfiguration

Ipseeta Nanda and Nibedita Adhikari

Pages: 1023-1029

Towards Proactive Crowd management Based on Predictive Analytics Framework

D. Ahmad Jaffar, P. Rommel Sergio, M. Soheil Sharaf and B. Munir Abdullah

Pages: 1030-1039

Hotels Design and the Environmental Challenges

Dr. Walaa Metwally

Pages: 1040-1052

Smart Traffic Control System Using Digi XBee Pro S2C

A.B. Rajendra, N. Rajkumar, Sharath N Bhat, T.R. Suhas and Shree Poorna N Joshi

Pages: 1053-1061

FPGA Design & Implementation of SC-FDMA Carnal Layer for TDR-based Applications

Javalkar Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Alok agarwal and Dr.S.V.A.V. Prasad

Pages: 1062-1070

Advances and Challenges in the Production of Bio-methane Using Anaerobic Batch Digesters

Sonam Sandhu and Rajneesh Kaushal

Pages: 1071-1082

Storage Stability Analysis of Biodiesel Prepared from Jatropha Oil

Narender Singh, Rajneesh Kaushal and Rajesh Kumar Saluja

Pages: 1083-1090

Experimental & Theoretical Analysis for Performance Comparisons of Water in Glass Tube Collector and Heat Pipe based Evacuated Tube Collector Under Similar Environment Conditions

Jasvinder Kumar and Rajneesh Kaushal

Pages: 1091-1096

Experimental Investigation of Hygroscopic Properties of Air in a Novel Flat Plate Dehumidifier Using Calcium Chloride as a Liquid Desiccant

Akash Sharma and Rajneesh Kaushal

Pages: 1097-1107

Optimization of Reliability and Cost of a Ceramic Tile Production System Considering Various Redundant Subsystems and Inspections

Reena and Rajeev Kumar

Pages: 1108-1118

Hygrothermal Investigation of Unidirectional E- glass Fibre based FRP Nanocomposite

Satnam Singh, Anshuman, Chiranjivi Dilip Madavi and Micheal Goyal

Pages: 1119-1129

Optimization of Leakage Current in 8T SRAM Bit-cell at 90nm CMOS Technology- Low Power Analysis

B. Kaleeswari, S. Vijayakumar and Dr.S. Kaja Mohideen

Pages: 1130-1135

Performance Modelling and Availability Analysis in Snacks Food Production System (SFPS)

Rajneesh Chaudhary, P.C. Tewari and Vikas Modgil

Pages: 1136-1147

A Compact Planar Inverted F Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting

Y.J. Nazeer Ahmed, S. Kaja Mohideen and V. Jayaprakasan

Pages: 1148-1152

Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Graphene as Super Substrate

S. Sadhish Prabhu, B. Vijayalakshmi and S.S.M. Abdul Majeed

Pages: 1153-1159

A Performance - Review of Cloud Scheduling Algorithms into Green Environments

P. Geetha and Dr.C.R. Rene Robin

Pages: 1160-1167

Importance of Manual Image Annotation Tools and Free Datasets for Medical Research

Anisha Rebinth and Dr.S. Mohan Kumar

Pages: 1168-1176

Cryptographic System Models and Algorithms for Network Security

B. Nithya, V. Ilango and S. Mohan Kumar

Pages: 1177-1183

A Queuing Model for Indian Railway Reservation System with Three Types of Reservation

Surender Kumar and Gulshan Taneja

Pages: 1184-1188

A Reliability Model for a System with Temperature-Dependent Working and Time-Dependent Payment for Major Fault

Sheetal, Dalip Singh and Gulshan Taneja

Pages: 1189-1196

A Pilot Study on Happiness Index for Higher Education Institutions Using Customized PERMA Profiler and SAC Index

Dasharathraj K Shetty, B.H.S. Thimmappa, Namesh Malarout and Rajesh Gopakumar

Pages: 1197-1213

A Circular Patch Antenna Loaded with three Complementary Ring Slots (CRS) for UWB Applications

R.B. Jagadeesh Chandra, Imran Khan, Geetha D Devanagavi, K.R. Sudhindra and Tanweer Ali

Pages: 1214-1220

Optimization of LED Lighting System for Horticulture Application – A Simulation

R. Sowmya, C.P. Kurian and S. Narasimhan

Pages: 1221-1225

Design and Implementation of 1D-DCT in CORDIC Using SPST

Mohammed Wajid Khan, S. Kaja Mohideen and S. Vijayakumar

Pages: 1226-1230

Quality Optimization of Multi-color LED Light Sources

R. Srividya, Ciji Pearl Kurian and Akhila

Pages: 1231-1237

Search Result Refinement through Query Similarity

R. Anju and B.P. Swathi

Pages: 1238-1243

Enhanced Biogas Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Thermal Pretreated Garden Waste and Pretreated Wheat Straw under Mesophilic Condition

Rajesh Baitha and Rajneesh Kaushal

Pages: 1244-1248

Reliability and Profit Analysis of a Two Unit Gas Turbine Power Generating System with Effect of Ambient Temperature and Priority

Rajesh, Gulshan Taneja and Jagdish Prasad

Pages: 1249-1263

On a New Weighted Entropy Measure

Savita and Rajeev Kumar

Pages: 1264-1271

Profit and Reliability Analysis of a System having Some Warranted Components and Varying Failure Rates with Periodic Inpections by Service Engineer

Vinod Kumar and Rajeev Kumar

Pages: 1272-1281