Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

Stochastic Analysis of a System with Wrong Diagnosis on Failure, Two Types of Repair and Instruction Time

Charu Bala, Anil Kumar Taneja and Hari Darshan Arora

Pages: 1293-1297

Supply Chain Management Metrics of Automobile Industry in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Maqsood Hussain Junnaidi and Dr. Mohammad Saleh Miralam

Pages: 1298-1307

A Review Study of Fluid Flowing over Arrays of Elliptic and Square Cylinders

Rajesh Kumar and Nirmal Kant Singh

Pages: 1308-1314

A Review of Uniform Flow Past Rotationally Oscillating Cylinders

Nitesh Kumar and Nirmal Kant Singh

Pages: 1315-1322

An Optimal Policy for Deterministic Model for Time Proportional Deteriorated Inventory with Different Demand Rate Pattern

Sachin Kumar Verma, Mohd. Rizwanullah and Chaman Singh

Pages: 1323-1336

A Weighted Vehicular Clustering (WVC) for Leveraged Communication in VANETs

Phidahunlang Chyne and D. Kandar

Pages: 1337-1346

C# Application to Deal with Neutrosophic α-Closed Sets

S. Saranya and M. Vigneshwaran

Pages: 1347-1355

Differential Evolution in Ad-hoc Networks

Shashi Prabha and Raghav Yadav

Pages: 1356-1361

Enhancing Solutions of Capacity Vehicle Routing Problem based on an Improvement Ant Colony System Algorithm

Modhi Lafta Mutar, Burhanuddin Mohd Aboobaider, Asaad Shakir Hameed and Norzihani Yusof

Pages: 1362-1374

Alcoholism in Hemingway's the Sun also Rises

A. Ramya and Dr.R. Venkataraman

Pages: 1375-1378

On α-J-Space

A.I. Naser and R.B. Esmaeel

Pages: 1379-1382

Graduation Management System using QR Scan technology

Chen Xin Wan, Minnu Helen Joseph and Khurshid Begum Abdul Jabbar

Pages: 1383-1389

Determinant S-boxes for Substitution Function in Block Cipher Encryption Algorithm

Julia Juremi, Sharifah Md Yasin, Nik Sakinah Nik Ab Aziz, Salasiah Sulaima and Nurul Husna Mohd Saad

Pages: 1390-1397

The Review of Ternary Base Application for Adaptation in ECC

Nik Sakinah Nik Ab Aziz, Sharifah Md Yasin and Julia Juremi

Pages: 1398-1402

Linking Agility, Information Technology Flexibility and Learning

Noor Hafizah Hassan and Noreen Izza Arshad

Pages: 1403-1407

M-learning Adoption in Higher Education

Roza Ibrahim, Geetha Kanaparan and Andy Seddon

Pages: 1408-1415

Conceptualizing Smart City Initiative via E-Cemetery Portal

Thien Ee Sien and Chandra Reka Ramachandiran

Pages: 1416-1422

Blended Learning Components

Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin, Hairul Aysa Binti Abdul Halim Sithiq and Nur Khairunnisha Binti Zainal

Pages: 1423-1428

Redefining Digital Divide in the Malaysian Primary Schools

Veerakumar Soundrapandian and Thomas Patrick O’Daniel

Pages: 1429-1436

TechStacin: A Collaboration Platform for Startups and Support Providers in Malaysia

Keshjeet Kaur Jagjeet Singh, Jerry Chong Chean Fuh and Mien May Chong

Pages: 1437-1442

A Scholarly Audit on the Traits of Enciphering, Deciphering Algorithms bifurcated under Symmetric, Assymetric for Wired cum Wireless Environment

R.Julian Menezes, Dr.P.Jesu Jeyarin and J.Albert Mayan

Pages: 1443-1454

User Interface Development Using Model-Based Approach

Wan Nur Liyana Wan Husain, Azrul Hazri bin Jantan, Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani, Azrina bt Kamaruddin and Novia Indriaty Admodisastro

Pages: 1455-1462

A Conceptual Model of Indoor Location Based Attendance System

Andy Aldo Dharmawan, Nor Azlina Abd Rahman, Amad Arshad and David Chieng

Pages: 1463-1469

An Analysis of Reliability Issues in Mass Media Companies Using Cloud Computing

Eddy Khonica and Kesava Pillai Rajadorai

Pages: 1470-1476

Evaluating the Reliability Issues in Hybrid Mobile Application: My Astro App

Ahmed Saeed and Dr. Kesava Pillai A/ L Rajadorai

Pages: 1477-1484

Understanding Major Reliability Challenges of Cloud-based Application for Mass Media

Ismail Mohamed and Dr. Kesava Pillai A/L Rajadorai

Pages: 1485-1491

Reliability Issues in Cloud-based Application of Mass Media

Fahad Noor and Kesava Pillai Rajadorai

Pages: 1492-1499

Reliability Issues of Cloud-Based Applications in Mass Media Companies

Zhou Wenjie and Kesava Pillai A/L RajadoraiRajoo

Pages: 1500-1506

A Survey on Fingerprint Biometric Security Challenge

Maryam Shahpasand, Dunstan Tie HienZon and NurIyliaBintiRoslan

Pages: 1507-1518

Mobile Application: Campus Shuttle Bus Service

YusrinaNor, NurKhairunnishaZainal and IntanFarahanaKamsin

Pages: 1519-1525