Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

A Systematic Review on Could Security Auditing

Ong Pui Xiang, Maryam Shahpasand and Ahmad Dahari Bin Jarno

Pages: 1526-1532

Governance of the Flood Disaster Framework in Malaysia: A Way Forward in Enabling Information Technology Knowledge Sharing

Siti Sarah Maidin, Marini Othman, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad and Norzariyah Yahya

Pages: 1533-1541

Governance Framework for Flood Disaster in Malaysia: Integration of COBIT and Hyogo Principles

Siti Sarah Maidin, Marini Othman and Norzariyah Yahya

Pages: 1542-1551

A Study on Teaching Faculty Main Competencies Influencing in Engineering College, India

Mohanakumari and Magesh

Pages: 1552-1555

Employer Branding Success through Social Media

Mrs. M. Bagirathi and Dr. R. Magesh

Pages: 1556-1560

Wellness of Employees and Engagement in Corporate Scenario

M. John Britto and Dr. R. Magesh

Pages: 1561-1571

Study on Consumers Intention in E-shopping-an Empirical Study in India

Kavitha Rajayogan and Dr.S. Muthumani

Pages: 1572-1576

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Faculty Knowledge Sharing

S. Joyce and Dr. R. Magesh

Pages: 1577-1580

Multi-Operator Genetic Algorithm Based Intelligent Data Mining For Medical Database

S. Sulaiha Beevi and Dr. K.L. Shunmuganathan

Pages: 1581-1587

An Agent based Frequency Channel Assignment for Wireless Local Area Network Using Hypergraph T-Coloring Algorithm

P. Sunitha and Dr. K.L. Shunmuganathan

Pages: 1588-1592

An Improved Block Based Feature Level Image Fusion Technique using Multi wavelet Transform with Neural Network

T. Prabhakara Rao, Dr.B. Rama Rao and Dr.B. Sujatha

Pages: 1593-1602

An Improved Block Based Feature Level Image Fusion Technique using Multi wavelet Transform with Neural Network

T. Prabhakara Rao, Dr.B. Rama Rao and Dr.B. Sujatha

Pages: 1593-1602

Enhancing Security and Efficient Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Using k-means Clustering

Dr.K. Selvakumar and S. Naveen Kumar

Pages: 1603-1616

The Effect of Catastrophes on a Single Server Queueing System with Finite Capacity

S. Muthukumaran, M. Thiagarajan and K. Kalidass

Pages: 1617-1626

Sensitive Data Transmission with Security Using Identity-based Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption Algorithm (IBCPRE) on Big Data Platform

J. Vimala Roselin and Prof. Dr.G.M. Nasira

Pages: 1627-1636

QCA based Area Efficient B2G & G2B Code Converters

V. Rama Krishna Reddy*, D.V. Bharghav Narayana and Ch. Suresh Babu

Pages: 1645-1655

Image Recognition and Content Retrival to Build Context: A Survey

Vinayak Jagtap*, Dr. Srujan Raju, Dr. Parag Kulkarni, M. Ravikanth and Md. Rafeeq

Pages: 1656-1666

Anticipated Parallel Processing-based Algorithm for Improving the Performance of the Distributed File System Using Collaborative Caching

B. Rangaswamy and Dr.N. Geethanjali

Pages: 1667-1673

A Compound Transform Domain based Watermarking Scheme for Colour Images

G. Nagaraju, M. Venkata Pullarao and Dr.P.V. Ramaraju

Pages: 1687-1694

Significance of Cloud Computing for Big Data

Dr. Shaik Nazeer and A.N.K. Prasannanjaneyulu

Pages: 1695-1700

A Study on Drafting a Composed Ac and Dc Lower Electricity in a Higher Potential Power Quality

U. Narender and Prof. Dr. Yeera Srinivasarao

Pages: 1701-1708

An Analytical Investigation of Deflection Behavior of CNT Reinforced Composite Plates Under First-Order Shear Deformation Theory

Peyyala Pramod Kumar and V. Venkata Subba Rao

Pages: 1709-1716

Lagrangian Computational Matrix Approach to Generalized Abel's Integral Equation based on Gauss-Legendre Roots

Rahul Kumar Maurya, Vinita Devi and Vineet Kumar Singh

Pages: 1717-1722

Effect of Horizontal Deviation Angle on the Hydraulic Properties of the Semicircle Weir with Sharp Edge

Mohammed Chyad Liejy, Rodhan A. Salih and Idan I. Ghdhban

Pages: 1723-1729

Temperature of Tropopause Layer above Baghdad City

Ali Abdulhasan Ibrahim and Prof. Dr. Ahlam Abduljabbar Kadhim

Pages: 1730-1740

Adaptive Illumination Normalization Framework based on Decrease Light Effect for Face Recognition

Israa Al_Barazanchi and Haider Rasheed Abdulshaheed

Pages: 1741-1747

Contribution of Social Media in Promoting Promotion of Tourism Services (A Field Study of a Sample of Tourist Companies in the Holy City of Karbala)

Salam Jaafar Azeez, Zahraa Noor Aldeen Mohammed and Ahmed Obaid Oraibi

Pages: 1748-1753

Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Hemi Equilibrium Problem with Application

Evan Abdulkareem Huzam, Alyaa A. Alwan, Wisam Kamil Ghafil and Ayed E. Hashoos

Pages: 1754-1758

Reliability Function of System Failure Time's Bounds Estimation Using Type I Censored Data

Adel Abbood Najm and Ali Hussein Hasan

Pages: 1759-1773

The Role of Knowledge Management in the Development of the Intellectual Capital an Analytical Study of the perspectives of a Sample of Lecturers in University of Karbala

Muntadhar Khadhim Shamran, Dhafir Obaid Faraj and Mohammed Sadeq Mohammed Ali

Pages: 1774-1786