Internet of Things Integration with Cloud Computing

*Ihsan Jasim Hussein, M. A. Burhanuddin


Internet of Things is also known as Systems of Systems. It is an integration of unlimited number of constituent systems with the help of networking and operating remotely with the help of Cloud Computed assisted environment. Internet of Things is a rapidly growing paradigm to operate distinct machines from remotely by the users to perform the distinct operations for a specific period of time. IoT has already crossed the number of machines operated remotely by the users more than 20 billion embedded machines. The advent of IoT has changed the operational mode of the systems with remote operations with extended and unlimited facilities in managing the things remotely. The main components of IoT can be distinguished as the communication, sensing Nodes and Embedded processing. Machine to Machine communication has developed and come into force to manage infinite number of machines processed with embedded configurations and managed with sensing nodes through internet communications. In addition to that the cloud computing assistance has given rise to the efficiency of the operations remotely with the help of User Interface technologies. When the number of things is more in management and controlling remotely the security implementations have played vital role in the combination of security architecture with service layer to perform more efficiently the device discovery and devices management. Similarly, the Human to Machine interactions are also done with the help of Internet of Things. In this paper we explore the importance of IoT aided cloud computing security architecture and service layers to manage infinite number of machines remotely. We proposed an adequate service architecture with appropriate service layers to connect huge number of machines with manage the systems efficiently through Cloud Computing environment.

Issue: 04-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 616-626

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