Investigation on Reliability based Certificate Authentication Scheme for Authentication in WSN

A. Sanjay Gandhi and Dr.S. Saira Banu


Wireless Sensor Network consists of sensor nodes in which it does not depend on any infrastructure like ad hoc networks. Routing is a major issue in ad hoc sensor network where the nodes consume more energy. Security is a major concern in ad hoc sensor where nodes are influenced by the internal or external attackers. In this research work, Reliable Multicast Secure Routing (RMSR) is established with development of secure localization model. This model consists of two steps i.e. certificate based authentication protocol and estimation of node location. Nodes are located and security is updated in all nodes. The location information about sensor nodes will not be revealed to any other third parties. The proposed protocol achieves better performance in terms of network performance metrics than previous schemes based on simulation results.

Issue: 03-Recent Trends in Engineering and Managerial Excellence

Year: 2017

Pages: 155-161

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