Design and Implementation of Series Z-Source Matrix Converters

S. Vivekanandan, M. Siva Ramkumar, Dr.A. Amudha, M. Sivaram Krishan and D. Kavitha


Series Z-Source network, Associate in Nursing enlargement of the favored conception of Z-source dc link, was originally projected for enhancing the output voltage of power electronic inverters. Throughout this paper, that concept is extended on a three-phase indirect matrix converter. The converter depends on the ultra-sparse matrix topology characterised by the minimum vary of semiconductor switches. The series Z-source network is placed between the three-switch input rectifier stage and additionally the six-switch output electrical converter stage, in either the positive or negative rail. A short shoot-through state produces the voltage boost. Associate in Nursing optimum pulse breadth modulation technique is developed for higher boosting capability of the converter and reduce of switch losses. A comparison is made between the matrix converters mistreatment series and customary cascade Z-source networks. The inpouring current and Z-source capacitorís voltage are reduced inside the series Z-source matrix converter.

Issue: 05-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1095-1102

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