A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Microgrid Demand Response in both Offline and Online Mode

P. Srinivasan, Dr.K. Balachander, Dr.A. Amudha, Dr.G. Emayavaramban and M. Siva Ramkumar


Increasing energy demand is motivating us to search for new way to meet the demand with existing grid system. This can be fulfilled with microgrids. But there is a challenge in controlling point of renewable energy system and energy storage unit in microgrids. That is switching the microgrid according to the demand without disturbing the main grid in both online and offline conditions. This project presents a control method for demand response management to optimize the microgrid composed of PV system, wind turbine, diesel generator and energy storage unit. In order to address the problem, the proposed control technique is fuzzy logic control. This proposed control strategy efficiently manage the response to demand and ensure the independent operation of microgrid with respect to the main grid in both online and offline conditions.

Issue: 05-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1262-1275

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