Investigation of Interleaved Power Factor Correction Circuit with Non-linear Carrier Current Control

Chitravalavan and Dr.R. Seyezhai


This work presents a non-linear carrier current control technique to improve the power factor and reduce the distortion of input current in soft switched Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC). This Interleaved Power Factor Correction (IPFC) circuit is studied and investigated in MATLAB. The performance of the circuit configuration is recorded under open loop and closed loop operation. SPARTAN/FPGA is employed to execute the control technique. The vital parameters such as energy factor, voltage regulation, input power factor, input distortion factor, power losses and efficiency are computed. The hardware has been built with non-linear carrier current control strategy and the results are verified.

Issue: 08-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1517-1525

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