HSMT - A Tool for Mining Hot-spots from Object-oriented Application Frameworks

*Tapan Kant,Manjari Gupta, Anil Kumar


The object-oriented framework designers gracefully capture those parts of a problem domain that should be kept flexible, to achieve reuse. These flexible parts are often termed as Hot Spots and the meta-patterns are basic building blocks of Hot Spots. However, there are many challenges for application developers in reusing frameworks, such as the complexity of the framework and lack of good documentation especially for Hot-spots. The current work is an attempt to develop a tool to automatically detect hot-spots from object-oriented frameworks. We compared the output of our work with earlier reported results and found that our result is performing better. Overall the work shows various template and hook methods are responsible in construction of hot-spots.

Issue: 06-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1522-1529

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