Enhancing Scientific Literacy through Low-Cost Science Project Based Learning

Yennita, Ruhizan Mohd. Yasin, Zanaton H Iksan, Kamisah Osman


Project method in teaching science is highly effective in building up intense knowledge about science concept and application in various daily routines. Realistically, project-based learning is not easy to be carried out. This is due to the socio-economic background of the students which are financially constrained that poses a threat the learning. In the effort to overcome this threat, low-cost teaching tool made from local materials is offered as an alternative for the project. The quasi-experimental study involving 150 students was carried out to test the effectiveness of such method on scientific literacy. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive analysis and followed by inferential analysis using MANOVA. The findings showed that there is a significant difference in scientific literacy between students who learned through low-cost science project and those who learned through the conventional way, with the mean score of the treatment group is higher than the control group. The study showed that the exploitation of the teaching tool made from the environment can be used in increasing the science literacy and building up the character of the students to be science literate with science competency, understanding science concept and applying scientific knowledge in daily life.

Issue: 02-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1761-1767

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