On-road Automobile License Plate Recognition Using Co-Occurrence Matrix

Abdullah Khalid Ahmed, Mohammed Qasim Taha and Ahmed Shamil Mustafa


With the expansion of vehicles on the road in most recent decades, it is getting harder to monitor every vehicle in respect to law requirements and traffic management. The current license plate recognition methods have its own advantages and disadvantages. License plate tracking is used for activities such as automatic toll collection and criminal activity tracking. In this paper, a design and analysis of simulation model of an efficient vehicle license tracking system have been implemented using image processing technology by MATLAB. Vertical and horizontal projections and co-occurrence matrix have been used to program the numbers (0 to 9) and letters (A to Z) using MATLAB programming. In addition, segmentation and identification of the image features are implemented to recognize its text according to the co-occurrence matrix modeling.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 7

Pages: 387-393

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