An Efficient High Step Up Converter for Automobile Applications Using Fuzzy Logic Control Technique

T. Kalimuthu, Dr.K. Balachander, Dr.A. Amudha, Dr.G. Emayavaramban and M. Siva Ramkumar


The resonance analysis and soft switching design of the isolated boost converter with coupled inductors are designed in this project. Due to the resonance participated by the voltage doubler capacitor, clamping capacitor, and leakage inductance of coupled inductors, the reverse recovery problem of the secondary diodes is restrained within the whole operation range. By choosing appropriate magnetic inductance of the coupled inductors, zero voltage switching ON of the main MOSFET is obtained collectively at the same working conditions without any additional devices. Moreover the rang of duty ratio is enlarged to achieve soft switching and an optimal operation point is obtained with minimal input current ripple, when duty ratio approaches 0.5,additionally,two kinds of resonances are analyzed and an optimized resonance is utilized to achieve better power density. The high step up conversion is achieved by using soft switching methodology with fuzzy logic system.

Issue: 12-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 941-950

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