Critical Analysis of Information Retrieval Models

Mukul Aggarwal, Amod Kumar Tiwari and Deepak Gupta


Information retrieval system (IRS) is a system which retrieves the information from a set of huge information. Information can have many forms like text, image, audio, video etc. The objective of this paper is the detailed analysis and survey of different Information retrieval model which is related from 22 attributes. This mechanism is based on understanding the users perspective in selecting which type of information is needed as based on users interest. These techniques are performed through soft computing techniques and designing the new models which containing all attributes. Information recovery is the movement of extricating the coordinating/important content, information, picture from a colossal accumulation of data assets as per the craving of the client Different procedures like CBIR, Gesture-based like shading, picture and size and so forth. This survey defines each method of Information retrieval model and various techniques used for implementation and declare about the related gap in form of problems and given the possible directions for future research.

Issue: 14-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1591-1597

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