Design and Simulation of an Innovative Tire Lifting Device

Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi*, Satesh Narayana Namasivayam, Kwan Meng Chan, Hon Hui Juen, Sivakumar Sivanesan


Tire lifting device is an equipment that is used for lifting and transporting tire from one place to another. However, the current design of the device have some limitations. For instance, the portability is low due to the wire or hose length in the pneumatic or electrical design. Furthermore, the battery powered design has limitations of operational due to the limited battery lifespan. Apart from that, the current design cannot rotate tires in different orientations for tire replacement purposes. Therefore, this project aims to innovate a design which will be compact, portable and operated non-electrically to lift and place tire in different orientations. Besides, the purpose of this research is to study various mechanisms and compare between each of them. The design can be classified into three types of mechanisms which are lifting mechanism, base structure and clamping mechanism. As a result, the hydraulic cylinder was chosen as the lifting mechanism. Once the design is selected, 3D modelling will be designed and analysed using ANSYS software. In conclusion, a human powered mechanism for lifting and placing tire in different orientations will be designed and verified using ANSYS software in terms of feasibility, reliability, robustness and portability.

Issue: 13-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1303-1319

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