Advanced Technological Modality to Explore ESL Learners Vocabulary Knowledge through Social Strategies

B.R. Aravind and Dr.V. Rajasekaran


Focusing towards the identification on the current issues with improvisation on every field, language becomes a mandatory field which needs to get improved at all levels. Hence, raises the need of the current research study. Many students lose good opportunities due to lack of vocabulary. This prudent research highlights the technological modality to explore 93 ESL learners vocabulary knowledge through social strategies. TED talks were used as an annexure towards a power pointed management also to make a demonstration anywhere. Henceforth it is been used towards specific or general means on learning. The obtained results of the study revealed that the use of technological modality is more effective for learning the meaning of new vocabulary. The pre-test and post-test results shows the significant development and relationship between social strategies and TED Talk videos for learning a new vocabulary in the target language. Detailed descriptions of the usefulness of social strategies for vocabulary learning and vocabulary acquisition are given in the investigation.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 10

Pages: 250-256

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