Power Allocation Optimization for Log-Normal Fading Channel in Cognitive Radio Networks

J.S. Fareduddin Ahmed and Rohitha Ujjinimatad


In cognitive radio networks the secondary network users uses the idle radio channels of primary network with acceptable level of interference. The major problem in these networks is the detection and management of these idle channels or spectrum holes. This paper studies optimal bandwidth and power assignment in a cognitive radio network (CRN) under Log Normal fading channel. Here we use ergodic capacity as the performance metric. We have proposed optimal power assignment scheme to achieve the primary capacity bounds of a secondary network with Log Normal fading channel. We have considered both the ergodic capacity and the outage capacity. We have derived the closed-form results for both situations stated above. The expressions of optimal power allocations are derived under peak-power and peak-interference limits. A simulation result verifies the optimal power-bandwidth allocation for Log Normal fading channels.

Issue: 15-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 698-704

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