Design Approach to Recognize Phishing Website by a Combination of Two Methods Using the Advantage of IP Address and Webpage Characteristics

Muhanad Mohammed Kadum, Bahaa Hussein Taher and Raad Ghazi Al-Azawi


Cybercrime is one of the challenges of the 21st century.One of the cybercrimes is phishing attacks and one of them is Phishing Websites. There are thousands of phishing website, which aims to bluffer users and stealing important information, Such as account information and banking information. In this paper, we proposed a combination of two methods to detect website phishing. This first method is to make a list (MVWL) of popular websites and their IP addresses. However, the used method focuses on comparing a screenshot taken for both the popular website as well as the Doubtful one. While the second method focuses on analyzing website features to find out if, the website trusted or not. Where, the features have been selected in this method deduce from reviewing other researcherís works, as well as our studying for the data set that we examined.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 11

Pages: 418-424

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